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PennDOT Pathways: Mileage-Based and Road User Fees

Mileage-Based and Road-User Fees

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Mileage-Based User Fees (MBUF), also known as a Road-User Fees (RUF), are just one potential solution of many being explored through PennDOT Pathways, a program that identifies, evaluates and implements reliable and equitable alternative funding solutions for our aging transportation system.

Much of our current funding comes from federal and state gas taxes. While this model worked well in the past, highly fuel-efficient vehicles and the increased adoption of electric vehicles by manufacturers and the public alike have made it unsustainable. PennDOT is taking action to find reliable sources of funding through PennDOT Pathways.

One such source is the Mileage-Based User Fee, or MBUF.

What is a Mileage-Based User Fee?

Mileage-Based User Fees (MBUF), also known as a Road-User Fees (RUF), generally refers to charging drivers for the use of roadways by the number of miles they travel. They differ from other funding mechanisms in that there may be a flat annual fee as with RUF or they may use technology, such as GPS, to record the number of miles driven. It is important to note here that this technology does not track where you are, were or are going as some think.

Simply put: With an MBUF model, you pay for what you use. MBUF is among several strategies that were described in the Planning and Environmental Linkages study that identified and evaluated potential near- and long-term alternative funding solutions as part of the Pathways program.

An MBUF approach has been studied and implemented in multiple states as a viable, reliable, and equitable way to transition away from the gas tax.

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